The Framework For Professional Practice and Growth

is simply the BEST web-based teacher evaluation system available that implements the Charlotte Danielson Framework.&nbsp

If you are using Charlotte Danielson's Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching, our product will save you time and effort in conducting your Formative Observations and Summative Evaluations.  Our system will improve information transparancy within the school district and greatly improve communication between the administration and staff.  Give our cost effective solution a try.

If you are looking for an Apple iPad compatible Framework for Teaching application, look no further.  Most of our customers are using the iPad to conduct their classroom observations.  Because we are web-based, you can access the system from any where!

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Use our system as the basis of your district's/school's teacher evaluation system.

Stop fighting the paper process, use our system and have more time to coach your teachers and improve student performance. 

In addition to formative observations and summative evaluations, the system provides:

  • teacher self assessment
  • professional development goal setting and planning
  • continued education and professional development activity tracking.